Friday, September 20, 2013

The Holy Ghost in the Home

I've been praying that the Holy Ghost would be in our home more fully, so fully in fact that we wouldn't be able to be unkind to each other.

I hoped to see big changes in the kids, but the biggest change I noticed was in me.  When it became my goal to have the Holy Ghost in our home I made some immediate changes.  I changed the tone that I used with the kids.  I turned off the radio.  I turned off the computer and other distractions so I could focus on my kids more.   I became uncomfortably aware that when I responded to a child with frustration or anger the Spirit left our home.  Each time, I have repented and invited the Spirit to come to our home again.

Changes are happening in our home.  The kids are playing together more, they are complimenting each other on occasion, they are expressing more gratitude for the work we do for them as parents, and relationships are deepening.  There has been more laughter at the dinner table.

I'm so grateful for my job as a mother- to create a home where God can pour out His Spirit.

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