Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Scripture Study for Early Readers

This kid wanted his own scriptures.  He's getting ready to be baptized!

Our family is reading through the Book of Mormon in the nice scriptures that we will give him when he is baptized, but until then he wanted his own copy of the Book of Mormon to read.

It's BIG

We gave him a colored pencil and told him that he could mark any verse that he could read on his own.  

We printed off some of the "Bright Idea" posters that illustrated Book of Mormon verses:
There were also lots of D&C verses, but here we were focusing on the Book of Mormon.

We printed off some scripture pictures that he can color during Sacrament Meeting or when he wants to "study" his scriptures.  We glued them into the book so he can find stories on his own.

The Book of Mormon, a Gift from Heavenly Father (inserted into Joseph Smith History)

There is room for him to add pictures that he illustrates as we read the scriptures as a family.  
You really have to understand a story to be able to illustrate it!

We're excited that he's excited to read the Book of Mormon.  

I'd love to hear any other ideas for helping early readers love and understand the scriptures!


  1. How did you resize this picture? I have the large scriptures for my son but the poster seems too big!

    1. These are the "large print" scriptures. I would guess that the pages are about the size of a piece of computer paper. I just printed this and cut the blank margins off. If your scriptures are a little smaller you could look around in your print settings to see if you could print two to a page, or at 50% to get a smaller picture.

    2. Maybe I was unclear, the pages of the book are about 9x11. Then I trimmed the pictures to be a little smaller so they wouldn't hang out.